1.        How does the process work?

    After we receive the request for an evaluation, we will contact you to confirm the information
    obtained, and set an evaluation appointment with you.  After the evaluation in completed, we
    will be able to address if services are needed.  We will provide education and training at the
    time of the evaluation.  If services are needed we will continue education and training
    throughout the process.  If services are not needed, we will still provide education and follow up
    with you to be sure that such concerns have been addressed and with training/education that
    your child is progressing.  

    2.        Cost associated with such services?

    Individual cost varies depending on if your child has insurance, the type of insurance your child
    has, and the benefits that are associated with the plan.  Such information will be reviewed with
    you before attending the evaluation session.  

    3.        Does insurance cover such services?

    Yes, insurance does cover such services depending upon what services you have selected for
    your insurance plan.    

    4.        Do you work with the insurance company for submission and obtaining  

    Yes, we will submit claims to your insurance and follow up on such submissions.  However, you
    do have the option of not utilizing your insurance and/or submitting such claims individually.  Our
    billing department can review any questions you may have on such matters.  

    5.        When will I know if my insurance covers?  

    When we receive your insurance information and verify that information with you; our insurance
    department will contact your insurance provider and obtain the benefits available on your plan.  
    Such information will then be reviewed with you before the initial evaluation takes place.  In
    addition, you can always contact your human resource department of your employer to obtain
    the benefits that you have signed up for on your insurance plan.  

    6.        How long will my child need to be in therapy?

    Each child is unique.  With such individualization, therapy length may vary from each child due
    to his/her difficulties.  Such information will be addressed after his/her evaluation.  

    7.        Do you offer payment arrangements?  

    Payment arrangements are available and can be discussed on an individual basis.  

    8.        Do you provide training/education?

    Training and education is provided weekly to ensure the success and advancement of our
    clients.  Such education is imperative for the carry-over of skills into the home environment.  

    9.        Requirements to attend therapy services?

    A referral from your child’s health care provider is required for most insurance carriers.  If you
    have further questions please contact our office and we would be happy to go over such
    questions and concerns with you.  

    10.        Why did this happen to my child?

    There are many questions that arise from parents about why their child may have some
    difficulties that they do not see in other children.  Each child is so unique, some children have
    difficulties getting to the next level of development, learning how to coordinate tongue
    movements for varying phoneme productions, as well as other concerns; and, need
    professional intervention to help achieve such skills.  At the evaluation, your questions will be
    addressed and answered to the best of the therapists ability with guidance and references.  

    11.        How long will it take to be evaluated?

    After we receive the request for an evaluation, you will be contacted within 24 to 48 hours and
    scheduled for an evaluation within 2 weeks.

    12.        Do you provide transportation?

    Transportation is not provided by our facility due to our requirement of a family member
    attending for training and education.  To be effective and maximize results, it is imperative to
    train and educate the family for generalization of such skills into the home environment.  
Frequently Asked Questions